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Affiliate Amore!


This is affiliate marketing like you have never seen it. So go ahead, make this investment in your blog and business. ESPECIALLY if you are ready for a passive income that involves a tiny bit of work and effort to get started, that will grow as your blog and business does.

Affiliate Amore is getting a tad bit more love, so enjoy this super low (and never to be seen again) pre order price! Upon ordering, you will also get an exclusive invite to the Affiliate Amore affiliate program, so you can earn 15% of sales you refer during launch time and beyond! Pretty cool right?

And you won’t want to miss the bonuses! To give you a sneak peek they will include:

  • Professional disclosure templates created by a REAL lawyer ($50 value)
  • Professional tax tips from a Millennial Money finance expert ($30 value)
  • Social Fabulous + Content Cool to help you plan, strategize and promote your amazing content ($30 value)
  • Two sets of my MOST popular Pinterest and Instagram Templates to make your posts super attractive and drool worthy ($18 value)
  • Entrance into the Affiliate Program where you can earn 15% of sales that you refer!
  • and a few other surprises that of course, I want to keep you on the edge of your seat for!


Affiliate Amore! Is the ULTIMATE GUIDE to help you plan, strategize and MAKE MONEY. I will walk you through all of my exact processes that I have tweaked based on my own experiences (aka – the gold at the end of a rainbow of trial, error and complete fails). I will help you identify affiliates that fit your brand like a glove, and will increase your earning potential. You will also learn how to use affiliate marketing in a cool as a (cash) cucumber way using your blog, newsletters and social media followers and how to leverage sales to make even more.

And don’t worry, all the tech side such as creating a resource page or mock shop, adding attractive banners to your sidebar and tracking your affiliate performance will ALL be covered. You will also get a super extensive guide that will allow you to record and track your affiliate earnings and performance, as well as all the exact templates I use for newsletters and social media posts, AND the Blog Post Formula that will cover how to create the most awesome blog post EVER and include affiliate links and banners to maximize your earning potential.


**Please note, this is a digital item and nothing tangible will be mailed. Due to the nature of the product, you will have 14 days to get a complete refund, but you DO have to put some effort in and show me the work in order to do so 🙂 


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